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"La Pinasse Cailloc"



CAILLOC pinnace is one of the last traditional pinnaces built entirely of wood on the Arcachon Bay by the DUBOURDIEU shipyard. It is made of mahogany, iroko and acacia wood. 


Today, many pinnaces have a laminated shell and are made of composite materials. 


It was the DUBOURDIEU yard in Gujan-Mestras which was responsible for its manufacture in 1983. 

This shipyard has existed since 1800. It is labeled "Living Heritage Company". 


She is moored at the heritage pontoon of the port of La Teste de Buch managed by the Mixed Syndicate of Ports of the Arcachon Bay. 


Cailloc pinnace is a “heel” pinnace, that is to say with direct shaft line transmission. It measures 10.67m long and 2.68m wide. 


It is approved to accommodate 18 people, but as part of a rental it only receives a maximum of 10 people to ensure the most comfort and security for passengers. 


The pinnace is equipped to allow you to make the most of the treasures of the Arcachon Bay. 


It consists of two "bathtubs", a small one at the front that can accommodate 6 people seated and a larger one at the back that can accommodate 12 people seated and a large table.It also has a cabin with two berths, a toilet and a sink, but also a 23 L electric cooler. 





You can discover, as you wish, the Arcachon Bay on the most emblematic boat - the pinnace - built with respect for tradition. 

To drive a boat, you must have a professional navigation title like Captain 200. 


If this is not your case, then we will suggest you a professional sailor who will drive and guide you.
You decide your program in agreement with him. 


You will go back in time and discover the charms and secrets of the Arcachon Bay : its oyster beds, oyster ports, tchanquées huts, bird island, the Pilat dune, the Cap-Ferret peninsula, the Banc d'Arguin and all the other charms of this exceptional site. 

The pinnace is disinfected daily before each outing.
Hydroalcoholic gel is available on board.